Face your issues head on

Whenever you’re embarking on a journey, it’s important to be at peace with your past, and learn from those issues or insecurities that might be holding you back.

Here’s and example: Andrew had over 50 pounds to loose, but he confided in me that he had been struggling with his weight since childhood. He had established an unhealthy relationship with food and often turned to the fast food drive-thru  in response to just about any issue he was feeling at the time.

This avoidance of the real issues affected his relationship with himself, and put a strain on his marriage. For Andrew, all of his past weight loss journeys that focused only on diet and exercise had short term results. He lost the weight, but within a few months he would put it all back on, plus a few extra pounds. In order to get lasting results he had to face those underlying issues head on.

With the help of a counselor he started peeling back the layers of pain that triggered his weight gain, and he identified the real reason he was sabotaging his progress every time he made an attempt to do something progressive in his life. By facing those past hurts, he was able to get real healing.

By making peace with his past, Andrew found healthy ways to address issues and resolve conflict. Not only did communication in his marriage improve, he also went on to loose the weight, keep it off, and gain confidence and emotional healing.

It’s never easy to dive into your past and dig up old hurts and emotions. However, unresolved issues have a way of showing up in our present lives and negatively impacting the way we process our emotions, face challenges, and pursue goals.

In order to embrace the present and build the future we want, we must ensure that the past remains in the past. If you find yourself carrying around unresolved issues, face them head on. Get closure, find peace, let it go…and allow yourself to move forward. Your future success depends on it.


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