It’s ok to be ok

“In order to say yes to your priorities,  you have to be willing to say no to something else”

There was a time in my life when I found it critically important to be the best. No matter what the project or task, I made it my responsibility to go above and beyond, to over perform and out perform everyone else. Part of it stemmed from a need to please others so I wouldn’t have to face my insecurities and feelings of inadequacy stemming from my childhood…but mostly, it was a subconscious addiction. I was so used to giving 110%, I never really stopped to think about the cost.

And then my daughter was born, and the work didn’t stop, and the deadlines didn’t stop, and the expectations and pressures on me continued. Actually as I struggled to find my footing in my new routine, the demands from work increased. People got so used to my 110% that anything less warranted complaints from others.

I worked hard, but it never felt like it was enough, and I started doubting whether I was enough. My frustration turned into resentment. After all, I was doing my absolute best…but then that resentment turned into an awareness. Doing your best only mattters if what you are actually doing is aligned with your higher self. It was at that moment that I realized- we aren’t meant to be the best at everything, sometimes we have to be ok with being “just ok”.

When evaluating where to place my energy, I asked myself a series of questions:

1) Of the tasks on my list, which one is most aligned with my values and priorities?

2) A year from now will this task even matter? Will I care?

3) Is there someone else who can take on this task?

Living your best life means being intentional with your decisions and how you spend your time and energy. Be the best at embracing life…as for the rest, let it go.


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