6 Lessons We Can Learn From Professional Athletes

When we want to see examples of peak performance, we don’t have to look much further than at a professional sports team – sure, these players make millions of dollars and their lives might seem a bit different from the average person, but there are quite a few remarkable things about them that we can apply to our own success plans. Continue reading “6 Lessons We Can Learn From Professional Athletes”


Becoming unstuck

Can you relate to this scenario?

You’ve identified your goals and even gone the extra step to create a vision board and affirmations, but you still aren’t getting any closer to seeing results.

According to the Law of Attraction, it’s your job to focus on the “what” (identifying what you want) and the Universe will determine the “how” (creating the opportunities and pathway). So if you’ve done your part and identified what you want, why aren’t you moving forward?

While creating goals is a critical step in manifesting your dreams, it’s not the only step. What you must now do is create a daily habit.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not action, but a habit” – Aristotle

Now that you’ve identified your goals, and you’ve visualized the end result, it’s time to incorporate action items into your daily routine. These actions will eventually lead to success habits.

Here are 5 things you can do to get started:

  1. PLAN: Daily planners are useful when scheduling important events, but they’re also great tools when creating new daily habits. Whether you decide to use an online calendar or a paper planner, start each week by writing down the specific actions that you need to take each day during the upcoming week. These items should be directly aligned with your goals.
  2. KEEP YOUR PLANNER UPDATED: As the week goes on, you may be faced with new opportunities or new challenges. Take time every day to go through your to-do list and check things off as they are completed. As new opportunities present themselves, incorporate them into your weekly calendar.
  3. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: If you know that daily to-do lists don’t typically work for you, take the extra step and schedule your activities as you would important appointments. Assign a time to each item you need to accomplish (for example, instead of writing “workout for 30 mins today” put 12:00-12:30 treadmill, set an alarm if you need to.)
  4. PUBLICIZE IT: Accountability partners are often the secret sauce when it comes to accomplishing tasks. Tell a trusted friend what’s on your daily agenda and invite them to follow up with you to make sure you’ve done what you said you’d do. Find someone who is relentless, someone who will constantly ask you how that goal of yours is going. Pick someone you can’t easily avoid. If for no other reason than to save face or get them off your back, you’ll find yourself being more productive.
  5. CELEBRATE THE SUCCESSES: Ending each day with gratitude is not only a great practice in manifesting dreams, it also makes you feel great. At the end of each day, take time to celebrate your accomplishments and give thanks for the things you are grateful for. This dose of positive energy creates great momentum to propel you forward and closer to accomplishing your goals.

Taking Control of Negative Situations (it’s as easy as ABC!)

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel as if you are putting your best foot forward, you are bringing your positive energy to a situation, but then someone says or does something and you’re immediately thrown off? Or what about those days when you’re feeling a little stressed out to begin with, but then something happens and just takes you down a deep angry path that you can’t pull yourself out off?

Frustrations can happen every day, and when you’re in the moment, it can seem like all your efforts to be a positive grounded person fall completely by the wayside and you’re overcome with negative emotions like anger, fear, and resentment.

So how so you pull yourself out of that?

First– Take 5 very deep, slow breaths…let the air completely fill your lungs with the inhale, then allow your lungs to completely empty with each exhale…try not to think about the event, instead, focus all of your energy and attention to your breathing. This simple exercise puts you in a frame of mind that will allow you to manifest a better result.

Second – use the ABCDE approach to regaining control of the situation. This strategy will help you separate yourself from the event you’re experiencing and really look objectively at your response. Here’s an example of how this works – ask yourself the questions bellow:

A: What was the Adversity or Activating event?

(example: I missed my workout yesterday)

B: What Beliefs were triggered? What assumptions did I make? What was my negative self-talk?

(example: I’m undisciplined. I never follow through on my commitments. I’m a loser.)

C: What were the Consequences of those beliefs? What actions did it lead me to take?/ What feelings came as a result?

(example: I feel discouraged, I feel bad about myself and I want to give up on working out completely because I don’t think I’ll be able to pull off my fitness goals.)

D: How can I Dispute those beliefs with facts?

(example: Yes I missed my workout, but this doesn’t define my passions or capabilities. I can set an alarm, I can schedule my workouts, and I can structure my other tasks around ensuring that I am able to meet my fitness commitments.)

E: What was the Effect or impact of disputing your old belief?

(example: I am encouraged, hopeful, and motivated to try again)

Next time you find yourself caught in a negative headspace, take a few breathes, then take an objective look at what is actually happening. You’ll find that if you’re able to change your beliefs (that negative self talk), and focus on the facts, you’ll have the clarity to move forward with the positive energy you’ll need to manifest the outcome you desire.

Stepping off the wrong path in search of the right one

When it came to expectations on my education and career, I grew up under very fortunate circumstances. In my family and social circle, I was expected to get good grades in school, go to University and get a practical major, and then get a decent job after graduation. Once at that job, I was then expected to climb the corporate ladder.

For many years I followed this life template to a T, I played the office politics, aligned myself to the right people, sought out influential mentors, and for the most part – the template worked. I got several promotions, and my career trajectory looked promising.

As my career grew I found myself feeling more and more unfulfilled, as an introvert, I also felt increasingly drained. I constantly felt as if I was playing a character who had absolutely nothing to do with who I actually was. My life didn’t feel like my own. The closer I got to accomplishing a career goal, the more eager I was to leave that job.

After a lot of tears, feelings of anxiety and frustration, seeking out books and articles on the topic, meditating and self reflecting, the realization I made was pretty simple: Continue reading “Stepping off the wrong path in search of the right one”

Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of the human experience. No matter how smart we are, or how educated we might be, everyone screws up. What separates those of us who succeed from those who seem stuck in time, unable to move forward, has less to do with the act of making the mistake, and more to do with the actions we take following the mistake.

Some mistakes are bigger than others, and the consequences vary, but the principle remains the same: your response to a mistake will have a greater impact on the outcome of an event, than the mistake itself.

Let’s look at an example:

Continue reading “Making Mistakes”

It’s ok to be ok

“In order to say yes to your priorities,  you have to be willing to say no to something else”

There was a time in my life when I found it critically important to be the best. No matter what the project or task, I made it my responsibility to go above and beyond, to over perform and out perform everyone else. Part of it stemmed from a need to please others so I wouldn’t have to face my insecurities and feelings of inadequacy stemming from my childhood…but mostly, it was a subconscious addiction. I was so used to giving 110%, I never really stopped to think about the cost. Continue reading “It’s ok to be ok”

Do the work

Very often, we set a goal for ourselves and we visualize its success, we plan for it, we pray about it, and then we wait for it to happen. We wait for the connections to show up in our lives, we wait for the opportunity to find us – the phone call, the unexpected job offer etc… and while these instances do occur, there is still one tried and tested method of accomplishing your goals, and it’s so simple that it can be explained in 3 words: do the work.

It is 100% your responsibility to make things happen. Don’t wait for the opportunity, go out and find it.

If you can’t find a way, make a way.

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Face your issues head on

Whenever you’re embarking on a journey, it’s important to become at peace with your past, and learn from those issues or insecurities that might be holding you back.

My client Kate had over 100lbs to loose, but she confided in me that she had been struggling with her weight since childhood, she had established an unhealthy relationship with food and often turned to the fast food drive-thru  in response to just about any issue she was feeling that the time.

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10 steps to get from where you are to where you want to be

Step 1: Figure out Where You Are.

Whether it’s a road trip, or a dream…you’re more likely to get to where you want to be by first having a good understanding of where you are. Want a new job? Assess your skills. Want to loose weight? Get on a scale and take note of your starting weight. Want to buy a house? Review your finances and your credit. By taking a long hard look at where you are today, you’re better able to determine what’s needed to move you forward.

Step 2: Know Where you Want to Go Continue reading “10 steps to get from where you are to where you want to be”

Getting Started

Have you ever had a goal that just lingered for years with absolutely no progress. Like you’ve talking to family and friends about the goal, you thought about the goal, but year after year all you’ve done is talk about it and absolutely nothing changes…

I call this phase planner paralysis. It’s that comforting phase of making and remaking plans and strategies for the change, without the change happening.

Well, I have the answer to that conundrum!

Want to start seeing your dreams and seeing that change? Here’s the secret (that’s not so secret) ACT. Take action, regardless of how big or small. Do one thing right TODAY that’ll bring you closer to your goal.